We have had the following from Mr Roger Huttlestone

"I dont know If this is any help to anyone but
as a child I spent a lot of time at the community centre as my uncle was
steward there but when they built the new kitchens in about 1960 the
builder dug into a tunnel leading towards manor hall road which was
immediately filled in as not to hold up the build of the new kitchen, I
just wondered if this may have some connection to the Roman villa."

Southwick Society Secretary Nigel Divers says

"I do remember talk of the find, I think that it was probably towards
the mid ‘60s but I know little more about it.  I do remember a picture
of a workman sitting in the hole (probably published in the Herald) and
talk of smugglers tunnels
etc ."

If you have anymore information about this or even a copy of the picture we would love to hear from you. Also if you have any other memories of Southwick which you would like to share with us. Use our Contact Us page.

More Tunnels

The Crab House (or Crab cottage) once stood on the old Brighton Road under the cliff opposite where the power station now is. A few scraps of masonry can still be seen just west of the Texaco Wharf. The house probably dated from the 18th or very early 19th centuries and got its name from the shell fish once sold there. A tunnel was said to run into the base of the cliff behind the house and discharge somewhere in Southwick to the north. It was said to have been used by smugglers and at that time when the canal was still an arm of
the river there was direct access to the sea. Whether or not this was true it is the case that smugglers did use the coast hereabouts and there was at least one record of a landing in the area. Old “Bey” Newman who told me the story said that when he a was a boy, before the Great Wa,r there was a tunnel that went some distance and then was blocked by a brisk wall, it was used to house the chickens then. Bess Blagden who lived in the Manor House as a girl, again before the Great War, also told me that there had been tunnels leading from the cellars of the house but that they had been sealed. Whatever the truth about these tunnels there is certainly one under the Canal
today. It was built to carry electricity cables from the old Brighton B Power Station and is entered by steps from the top of the bank opposite.

Crab Cottage and Power Station 1920