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Heritage Talks

all talks are in the Garden Room of Southwick Community Centre at 7.30 pm

Eyes along the Coast

The National Coastwatch Institution, Shoreham

by Stephen Hand

Monday 13th January

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) was formed in 1994 when two fishermen lost their lives off the Cornish coast in full view of a recently closed Coastguard Station. Local people decided to reopen the station and restore a look-out. Today the NCI is a registered charity and voluntary organisation with more than 50 stations nationwide staffed by over 200 volunteers, 365 days a year. Stephen Hand will fill us in on the work of the Shoreham NCI based in the Second World War searchlight station on Shoreham beach.

Quiet Corners of the Sussex Coast

by Geoffrey Mead

Monday 10th February

Quiet Corners of the Sussex Coast looks at some of the less frequented spots of our county shoreline from Chichester Harbour in the west to Rye Bay in the east and points inbetween. Geoffrey will be showing us creeks and inlets, islands and shingle bars, sand dunes and river mouths. He is a well known local historian and geographer.

Southwick North to South - More than 5000 years of history

by Ray Richards

Monday 9th March

The remarkable history of Southwick is displayed by the extensive array of historic sites and buildings which are still present today. In this talk we will take a notional journey through some 5000 years of Southwick's history beginning with the ancient sites on the Downs to the north, then travelling south through periods of Roman, Saxon, Tudor, Victorian and 20th Century occupation and activities. The talk will include discussion of individual sites such as the Roman villa and personalities who have contributed much to Southwick's development and unique character.